TSO KAR – White Lake


Tso Kar – White Lake

TSO KAR- WHITE LAKEThe Tso Kar (White Lake or Salty Lake) is one of the three important high altitude lakes in the Ladakh region. Located at an altitude of 4660 meters (15280 feet) in the Changthang area of the South Eastern part of Ladakh, it is the smallest of all three lakes.

The white salt of the water deposits all over the lake shore that’s why the lake is known as ‘White Lake’. Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, the lake gives a wonderful scenic and amazing view. The Tso-Kar lake is very popular with bird watchers. The common birds that are seen here are Brahmni ducks, bar-headed geese and the great crested grebe. But the main attraction among the bird life at Tso Kar is black-necked cranes. Tso Kar also attracts a lot of wildlife lovers. The most common mammals here are the Kiangs (the largest wild ass). The mammal cannot be tamed and they live in large groups. The Tibetan gazelle, Tibetan wolf and steppe marmot are some other animals you can spot in the area and a considerable number of livestock including sheep, horse and yak are also seen grazing around the lake.

The lake is peaceful and quiet. Nomads that inhabit the nearby regions make a living from collecting the salt from the banks of the lake and sell it to nearby places. The hills and mountains around Tso Kar are also home to ibex, snow foxes and snow leopards. The views at Tso Kar is breathtaking with the mountains around shining in the glow of moonlight. The Lake has enchanting beauty that remains in your memory for ever.