Q. What permission/documents do we need to visit Ladakh?
You need Indian Visa and for visiting certain places in Ladakh, you need special permits which can be organized by State Express.

Q. How do we reach Ladakh?
There are two ways to reach Ladakh. You can fly to Leh from Delhi and various other cities in India or travel by road via Manali or Srinagar.

Q. Are there high-altitude problem in Ladakh?
Ladakh is situated at high altitude which ranges from 2750m at Kargil to 7672m at Saser Kangri in the Karakoram. The high-altitude results in difficulty in breathing for visitors and if they do not take necessary precautions, they may suffer from high altitude sickness as the oxygen level is low here.

Q. What should we do to avoid high altitude problems?
It is advised to take complete rest for minimum 24 hours or 2 days to get acclimatized. The symptoms of high-altitude sickness are loss of appetite, dizziness, fatique, nausea and breathlessness.

Q. What are the essential items to carry for visit to Ladakh?
Medicines as prescribed by your Doctor, Sunscreen lotion, Sunglasses, Lip balm, Gloves, Cap, Warm inners, Waterproof jacket, Chargers for your gadgets and Spare camera batteries with enough memory cards.

Q. What about internet and telephone facility in Ladakh.
To get more details about this, you visit our webpage

Q. Is comfortable accommodation available in Ladakh?
There is all kind of accommodations available in Ladakh. Not long ago, there were only basic hotels in most of parts in Ladakh but not anymore. Now, you can stay at first class hotels in Leh and comfortable accommodation in other parts of Ladakh. There are even luxury camps available at few places. Otherwise, we can provide portable camping with meals and other facilities during trekking and hiking.

Q. Is it advisable to travel to Ladakh by road?
It is a tiresome but rewarding experience to travel to Ladakh by road via Manali or via Srinagar. For visitors, who love soft adventure and thrill, this is the best way to travel to Ladakh.

Q. How many days should we have for Ladakh Tour?
It depends interest and availability of number of days for a visitor. But, usually 7-12 days are good to visit major places of interest in Ladakh. If you wish to go for long trekking or wish to spend more time in Ladakh, you can remain here for a longer period.

Q. What kind of transport is available in Ladakh?
The most common means of transport for tourists is SUV’s of Toyota and Mahindra. There are also small vans with capacity up to 10 persons also available. The other mode of travelling for more adventure seekers is renting a motorcycle or a cycle. We can also arrange guided motorcycle/cycle tours for you.

Q. How can we manager our cash requirement there?
There are ATSs available at many banks in Leh. But, there is only limited facility available in other parts of Ladakh and therefore, it is advisable to carry sufficient cash with you.

Q. Do hotels/restaurants/shops accept credit card?
Many hotels and restaurants and few shops accept credit cards in Leh. But you should always carry enough cash to avoid any difficulty.

Q. Could you book tickets for us to/from Leh.
Yes, we can provide you this service. State Express is also an IATA approved airline and agent for all domestic airlines in India. Therefore, we can arrange the flight reservation for you without any hassle.

Q. Could you provide services in Delhi or other parts of India as well?
We can arrange all kind of travel services in any part of India or Indian sub-continent including flight tickets, hotels accommodation, guide service, train tickets, chauffeur driven car/vans or luxury sedans and SUV’s with private driver.

Q. What all facilities do you provide for trekking tours?
We arrange fully equipped camping in remote locations of Ladakh with our experienced team of Sherpas, porters and kitchen staff. You do not need to carry your sleeping bag as we provide you all these facilities in our trekking tours.