Do’s & Don’t


  • If you are planning to visit Ladakh collect necessary information about weather conditions and road route.
  • After Arrival to Ladakh take proper rest for atleast 36 hours.
  • Ladakh is a high-altitude place; the level of oxygen will be very low. So, it is advisable to move slowly and breathe deeper to get used to lower level of oxygen.
  • Take water purification tablets or boiled water or bottled water.
  • Always carry drinking water and dry eatables.
  • In initial days of reaching Ladakh, avoid smoking and taking alcohol.
  • Carry First-aid box with all necessary medicines.
  • In summer (May – September), carry Cotton wear, light woolens, strong walking shoes, rain proofs and in winters (October – April), carry heavy woolens, thermal wear, feather jackets, strong walking shoes.
  • Before leaving for Ladakh, it is better to take extra batteries and charge them fully for digital products like camera, mobile phones, etc because there is electricity problem in Ladakh.
  • Ladakhi people are very friendly and welcoming. They love to interact. So, interact with them and it will also help in changing your point of view.
  • If you are planning to trip Ladakh on your bike, please do not go alone on bikes at least make a group of two or more.


  • Do not take photographs of people or inside any religious place without taking permission of the monk or person-in-charge.
  • Do not carry or use plastic bags as plastic is officially banned in Ladakh.
  • Do not wear short clothes like skirts/sleeveless blouses tops while on roads, especially in Buddhist Gompa.
  • Do not try to influence Ladakhi People with your western outlook.
  • Do not disturb wild life.