Phuktal Monastery


Phuktal monastery

Phuktal monastry is located in Zanskar region. At the monastery the main focus is on the beliefs of Buddha culture- vasika, posadha and pravarna the three basic observances for monks prescribed by Buddha Sakyamuni. Phuktal means cave. Phuktal monastery also seems like a honeycomb from a distance. It was founded in early 21st century by the Gangsemsherpa Zangpo. This monastery is a home for approximately 70 monks. School is also build for the children, they are offered free education. Full facilities are provided to them by the sponsors. Every day prayers are offered by the people in the temple to accumulate good karma for the life. Walking is the only option to reach the monastery which has ensured it remains isolated and cut off from the rest of the region.


Some precautions to be observed while visiting a monastery:

  • Visitors are required to take off their shoes before entering a prayer area
  • Do not disturb Monks at prayer, and always ask permission before taking photographs
  • Do not touch religious artifacts
  • Do not drink, smoke, take drugs or spit in the monastery premises
  • Avoid talking loudly or disturbing the peaceful atmosphere
  • In many Gompa’s, you are expected to walk around the premises only in a clockwise direction
  • Women may not be allowed to enter the inner prayer rooms of some monasteries