Healthcare & Medical Assistance

The main centre for health care in Leh is the SNM Hospital, which is well equipped and staffed by specialists to take care of all types of problems.

There are sub-district hospitals at block headquarters and medical dispensaries in most of the major villages, which are staffed by qualified doctors.

In addition, services of the following private clinics and associated facilities are also available in Leh:-

Clinics, Opticians and Chemists in the Ladakh region

KunfanOsting Clinic,
Tele 53699;
Consultant: Dr.TseringNorboo, Physician;

Soway Clinic:
Consultant: Dr.TseringNorboo,
Surgeon Specialist

Siachen Chemist:
Consultant: Dr.NurbooTsering:
Tele No. Res.: 53229/ 52758, 52329

Ladakh Medicate Chemists and Druggists:
Consultant: Dr.NurbooTsering.

Indus Clinic, Choglamsar:
S. DawaLonpo / Dr.StanzinPunchok

Nurboo Optical,
Near I.T.B.F Headquarters.

Alamdar X- Ray, Balkhang:
Consultant: Dr. P.T Angchok.

Dr.Shoukat Ali,
Gompa Complex.
1000 hrs to 1600 hrs.
Ph 44088

Noble Medical Hall
Labrang 53865
Timings – 9 am -10 am and 4pm – 6pm.