Money The Indian Rupee is the only currency accepted in Ladakh. A mixture of cash and travelers cheque provides the best degree of security and flexibility. US Dollars and Pound Sterling are the easiest currencies to exchange with American express, Thomas Cook and Visa being the most accepted traveler’s cheque. All your valuables, passports etc can be left at your lodge or hotel for safekeeping.

Foreign Exchange

The State Bank of India and the J&K Bank have branches at various places in Ladakh, with main branches in Leh and Kargil, where foreign exchange facilities are also available. The State Bank of India also operates an extension counter at the Tourist Information Centre located in the Dak Bungalow Complex, Leh. Some hotels in Leh are also licensed to deal in foreign exchange, though these mainly service in-house clients. There is no foreign exchange facility outside these two towns.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are not accepted by most of the hotels and travel agents except some antique shops.