Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari Safaris are the best way to explore a region, its culture, tradition, to experience its geographical and topographical features and almost everything that a place can offer to us. The insight you gain through the safaris that can be at best explained as a treasure that will with throughout your life and after. India with its varied culture and tradition provides excellent opportunities for someone who has seen them all and want to see more.

For everyone visiting Ladakh, the jeep safari is a must. Jeeps are the fastest, easiest, most comfortable means of local transport in Ladakh. Several jeep safaris are conducted in Ladakh. The scheduled jeep safaris take the tourists to the places of their interest. Arrangements for the meals, accommodation, guides and porters during the jeep safaris in Ladakh are meticulous planned and executed. Dehydrated foods, potable water, juices, tents and other camping gear, spares for the jeep, first-aid-kit, and fuel are the other details that must be looked into. Acclimatisation and obtaining the Inner Line Permit for Ladakh are the other issues to be considered while planning a jeep safari into Ladakh. The driving experience on the rough roads of Ladakh adds the tinge of adventure in the jeep safari in Ladakh.