Climate in Ladakh

Climate in Ladakh In peak winters the temperature in Ladakh goes down to - 30 Degree Celsius in Leh and Kargil and - 50 Degree Celsius in Dras. Temperatures remain in minus for almost 3 months from December to the month of February. But on clear sunny days it can become very hot and one can get sun burnt. Rainfall is very less due to the geographical location of Ladakh. The rainfall is around 50 mm annually. It is the melting snow which makes the survival of human and animals possible. In the desert like landscape one may come across the dunes or perhaps occasionally to the dust storms.

Over the past few years the climate has been changing, with much more rain and snow, creating problems for inhabitants of a traditionally desert region. Average summer and winter temperature-s are:

Temperature Chart

Region Summer Winter
Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Dha - Hanu Region –3ºC 29ºC –15ºC 15ºC
Leh 8ºC 25ºC -20ºC -5ºC
Nubra Valley -3ºC 28ºC -15ºC 15ºC
Pangong Tso -12ºC 18ºC -15ºC 15ºC
Tso Moriri -10ºC 17ºC -22ºC 6ºC

Temperature Chart

Note: These are average maximum and average minimum temperature for Leh. The highest temperature in Leh for the month is usually higher than the average maximum temperature. Similarly, the lowest temperature in Leh for the month is usually lower than the average minimum temperature.